With M.io, you can now unify your team’s chat and make Cisco Teams and Slack fully interoperable.

Step 1: In a web browser, go to https://m.io 

On our homepage, sign up for M.io by selecting either Webex Teams or Slack.

NOTE: Make sure to sign in with your preferred "Primary" chat platform

  • If you plan to use Slack as your main app, sign in with your Slack credentials
  • If you plan to use Webex Teams as your main app for chat, sign in with Cisco

The final step below includes linking your secondary account.

Step 2: Authorize with Webex or Slack

Signing up for the 1st time, you will install M.io to your chat platform. Enter your credentials to continue:

Once you approve the M.io permissions, the app is installed and you will name your Organization.

Creating your account completes the initial setup process and lands you on the M.io dashboard:

Step 3: Link your account on the other platform (if you have one)

On your dashboard, there's a large prompt to link your secondary account. This enables Slack users to link a Webex Teams account and vice versa. Follow the steps provided to finish this process.

For users who signed in with Slack as their preferred platform:

For users who signed in with Webex Teams as their preferred platform:

Step 4: Invite your colleagues

On your company dashboard, you can invite colleagues several ways:

  1. Invite people to chat by email
  2. Create channels and invite people by email

Your team will receive an email like the following:

Have your team accept the email invitation to chat using the app they would like to use across the organization.

Step 5: Chat away seamlessly!

Addendum: "Company.m.io" login / signup

Any of your approved team members can go to your custom company.m.io URL to sign up and be a part of the organization.

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