Letterbox bridges your Gmail Inbox and your Slack by letting you handle all of your incoming emails without having to leave Slack.

Adding Letterbox to your Slack Team:

To get started, head over to letterbox.co and Add to Slack .

In order for Letterbox to provide all the features that a standard inbox offers, you'll have to authorize a list of Slack permissions that allow for features like replying, archiving, forwarding, deleting, etc. 

Adding your Google Account to Letterbox:

Soon after authorizing Letterbox to your Slack team, you'll be met with a new Letterbox Channel in your team (#letterbox-username) where you'll have to add a Gmail account.

After clicking the button Google Sign In – you'll have to authorize Letterbox to View and Modify your emails so that all of your incoming emails get bridged to your new Slack channel.

After authorizing Letterbox + Gmail, you'll get a success message within Slack that LetterBox has completed setup.

You're all set! 📧 Within Slack, you'll begin to receive your emails as normal. 😎

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